As the business world becomes more globalized, legal service providers are enhancing their international capabilities. Highly specialized in Asian languages, M&W Language Solutions has provided Japanese and Chinese translation services to law firms, patent attorneys and corporations.

We understand that legal documents need to be handled with the utmost attention and expertise to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. A professional legal translation can make an important difference in ensuring even very complex legal meaning is conveyed accurately. Without the right support from a translator competent in the legal field, the outcome of cases can easily be compromised as well as resulting in significant additional cost.

Our NAATI accredited translators can provide a wide range of certified translations including:

  • Court documents
  • Pre-trial discovery documents
  • Judgments
  • Contracts
  • Patent litigation documents
  • PCT/Paris convention filing
  • Information disclosure statements
  • Office actions
  • Correspondence


If you would like to discuss how we may be of assistance to you or your company, we welcome your inquiry. Please click here for more details.